The Mirusbund

Request for Information

Dear Visitor,

The „Mirusbund“ is an International club tracing

the descendants of the Mirus family all over the world.

The first documented generation is from the late 15th century and in Germany.

The Club is tracing the Mirus descendants all over the world.

Their archive contains some 10,000 Mirus descendants and the majority of registered individuals is from Europe, Canada and some from the USA.

The Mirusbund (group of Mirus genealogists) maintains extensive genealogical tables and believes that your family roots also lie in Europe and Germany. They have asked me to initiate this contact and would like you to provide some genealogical information to them. In particular, the Mirusbund is interested in the following information:

1. Your complete name, (Christian name and all surnames), place of birth.

2. If married, the same information for your spouse (if a woman, include your maiden name).

3. If applicable, your childrens' names and birth dates.

4. Your parents' data: Complete name, all given names, date and place of birth.

5. Your grandparents' data: Complete name, all given names, date and place of birth.

6. And, if this information exists, your great-grandparents' data:

Complete name, all given names, date and place of birth, death and/or if still living.Your

grandparents or your great-grandparents were probably immigrants to the USA.

When and on which ship did your ancestors sail from Europe to the USA

Do you know ?

è1790 çè1820ç

è1850 çè1880ç

The Mirusbund will use the information you provide to complete the genealogical table and will inform you about the progress. When completed, you will receive - free of charge - a copy of your own genealogical table.

The Mirusbund will be preside from

Hellmut Mirus - OT Gleissenberg 80b

D 96152 Burghaslach - Germany

Tel: (0049) 9552-1502 

and can be mailed unter

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